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Thank you for opening my web site. I hope you enjoy.   If you want to jump right in and scroll through my images, please do.  If you should want to read what makes me do what I do, to include my use of editing tools and why I think my photography is fine art, check out the top of the web site at the tool/navigation bar and open the section, "About My Photography".   By the way, I have thousands and thousands of images in my inventory, but only display about 75 or so of my favorites within my on-line web galleries.

If you are looking for a particular genre/category (e.g. botanical, storms, lighthouses, etc., etc), please give me a shout and I'll send you a few specific selections via an email or text.  

How to Purchase

Fine art photography for your home or office or as a gift, may have too many variables to purchase via a simple shopping cart without dialogue with the artist; e.g. 1 or 2 mats or no mat;  satin or metallic paper; what frame size works best; a color stroke around the image, or not; and what about an image size larger or smaller to fit a specific space?   Also, the prices below don't include "atypical / one offs" ; for example; canvas, metallic, glass, triptychs, small sizes like 4" X 6" or 5" X 7", or large sizes like 24" X 30" , 16" X 48", etc. 

I encourage customizing your piece to your specific display space.  That  process generally takes a little time.  So when you see an image with a potential connection, give me a call, email or text and we can start a dialogue leading to a product you will be proud to own and display.  I accept credit cards and generally deliver your finished product, ready to hang.

Thank you

Menu / Price List

Sales taxes & shipping additional. Other sizes plus matting and framing options are available.

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