Prairiescapes and Cityscapes - Fine Art Landscape Photography

Fine art landscape photography (prairiescapes and cityscapes) is my passion. I'm not interested in portrait photography, but I do receive a great deal of fulfillment working to capture those perfect Prairiescapes near Topeka and Kansas City cityscapes in and near downtown.   My goal is for viewers to share in the same enjoyment, satisfaction and peacefulness I receive and try to portray. 

Mother Nature surrounds us with so much natural beauty and action; and many of us don't take the time or have the means to see.  My images have taken me across the U.S. and Canada on many wonderful backpacking, canoeing, and family adventures.  

I'm asked occasionally about my use of photo editing software.   As any other artist or craftsman who use their tools to make a creation, the tools I use are important when my camera doesn't portray a scene with a connection and story I want my viewer to experience.  

 Another question I'm asked is what makes my photography, fine art.  To me, that means it's a superior composition of the scene, plus the  print, inks, mats, and framing will be of the highest quality.  Below are the products I use to ensure my customer receives the best product I can deliver; one that will last many years.   

Hahnemuhle digital satin photographic paper 

Moab slickrock metallic photographic paper

Crescent acid free mats and foam board

Epson 7900 printer with HDR K3 archival inks

Certificates of Authenticity for 12X28 and 18X24 and above.